Who am I?

A little bit about myself.

In my career I’ve led several companies from 0 to over 100k users. I’m a software engineer and infrastructure architect who can plan, create and manage technology stacks. In the past I was a growth marketing team leader and head of product.

Not only do I have strong programming skills I also have good judgement gleaned through over a decade of experience. I believe it is equally important to know what to do as how to do it.

I also enjoy contributing to open source projects including my Golang statistics package stats.

I’ve had the honor of leading several talented teams and teaching interns which is something I really enjoy. With my guidance and leadership a team becomes more than the sum of its parts and can achieve amazing results with limited resources.

Montana is a great team player and an outstanding asset to any web-based company. Having worked with him directly, he has provided me with a great example for what a web developer should strive to be. He provides an extensive knowledge; fantastic marketing abilities; top-notch SEO performance; a keen eye for web-design; precise, comprehensible code; and great managerial techniques that produce results. I’ve witnessed and admired his enthusiasm for his field which encompasses all facets of web development. It is I think a key factor in his ability to motivate colleagues and keep up-to-date with the rampant culture and technology of the web.